DNA based diets – Let’s eat GENE-wise!

When our favorite pair of jeans doesn’t fit us the perfect way anymore, how worried we get. Unfortunately, due to certain responsibilities towards family and work, we fail to find out the time to consult a dietitian so we end up browsing on the net, quick tips for weight loss. This lack of nutrition based guidelines because of the easy access and abundance of weight loss information available online these days end up making us all the more perplexed.

Instant weight loss seems very appealing but, involves efforts that could be unhealthy and that we probably can’t maintain as permanent lifestyle changes. One-size-fits-all diets are a thing of the past because Scientists working in the field of Nutrigenomics have come up with a tailor-made DNA Diet.

Nutrigenomics combines the study of nutrition and genetics and to analyze the various ways in which based on the genetic make-up people would react to a certain food. The newest weight-loss plan is a customized diet based on your DNA. The DNA diet, is a personalized meal plan that claims to be based on your unique genetic blueprint. Carolyn Katzin, certified nutritionist based in California claims that based on your DNA profile she can “determine whether someone should increase the amount of folic acid, B-6 or B-12, for example. So, we would choose foods that are rich in those supplements.” … “interprets the data and makes a customized meal plan. Her suggestions range from “ taking more vitamins to eating more meat.”

So, DNA Diet is a personalized diet where a company analyzes your DNA and based on that recommends a personalized diet plan. One must just know where to look for and seek guidance in the right direction. A plethora of weight loss options are available to us and, with the significance of well-being and wellness at the top of the priority list – we should do our bit in paying special mind to what’s best for us. There are tailor made diet regimens for weight administration arrangements that look past calories to outline eat less plans, genetic predisposition to obesity, fat stockpiling, appetite, dietary patterns, satiety levels, and so on. For those moving towards a healthy lifestyle, there are individuals to help you build towards healthy habits (smoking cessation and alcohol moderation), correct nutritional imbalances (Vitamins, PUFA, Homocysteine, and so forth.), check lipid levels (triglyceride, cholesterol), upgrade detox, and anticipate metabolic scatters.

The nature-vs-nurture debate remains to the fore: how much of our health is governed by environmental factors? Lifestyle, diet, stress, even pollution can play key roles so DNA diet might give you a personalized diet chart based on your DNA but whether or not other factors will be taken care of still remains a matter of concern and being a new concept in the market not much can be predicted.

Currently most of the countries have almost no regulations are place for evaluating the accuracy and reliability of genetic testing. Most genetic tests developed by laboratories are categorized as services, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate. This lack of government oversight is particularly troublesome in light of the fact that a handful of companies have started marketing test kits directly to the public. Some of these companies make dubious claims about how the kits not only test for disease but also serve as tools for customizing medicine, vitamins, and foods to each individual’s genetic makeup.

You can’t control everything in your life but, you can control what you put in your body so, eat GENE-wise!

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  1. Good job Azka !
    Nutritional genomics is an attempt of scientists to understand the interaction between food and our genetic activity . cardiovascular disease has received a lot of attention in the nutritional genomic field,cancer is another disease that has demonstrated relationship to food-gene interactions,Nutrients like vitamin D can help in proper activation and inactivation of genes.I as a practicing nutritionist personally believe that ” you r what you eat “

  2. well written and well researched. Good source of information for us,( layman), who have no idea of genetic diet. Keep writing such informative articles

  3. Good piece of writing. Thought i have a question for you. India being a developing economy, where people have just started showing interest to fitness regimes mostly due to bollywood fanbase, wont it be difficult for this dna based diet schedule to get going among masses as most of us as are running to gyms disregarding the diet and nutrition ?

    • Thank you so much. Well, it definitely is a new thing in the Indian market but, considering the fact that eventually many people are benefiting from this diet plan without having to go to the gym for weight loss so, in the near future we can expect a greater percentage of the Indian masses being health conscious despite their busy schedules. 🙂

  4. Yes…we must not jump directly to internet solution and find Tailor made dietary suggestions but we must do our bits to see what suits our genes to overcome piling fats, obesity etc…..through DNA based diet as suggested in this paper.
    A good piece of work!
    May God bless you in your future endeavour.

  5. Good research and wonderful infomation.People should follow this type of diet to get instant and effective results…I really appreciate your efforts in this direction to make us aware of these facts in leading a healthy lifestyle…God bless you in your future ventures…

  6. Hi Azka
    Wonderful and eye opener article for a common man like me.
    A lot more needed for assimilating the knowledge from the young generation like you.
    Keep the good work
    Aftab Ahmad


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